Daiki Axis India and NTPC

NTPC strives to use wastewater to maintain sustainable eco-systems by reducing waste and reusing treated wastewater at its power plants.
NTPC has always taken a proactive approach to environmental issues, including the use of cutting-edge technology and contemporary environmental friendly approaches.

Daiki Axis India and Fatehabad

Haryana has the third-highest annual groundwater withdrawal in the country, at 137 per cent of its annual extractable groundwater resources.

The depletion of the water table has been a matter of great concern for most of Haryana’s districts. Contaminated water is a bane for the Haryana state, with approximately 60% of Haryana’s groundwater being untreated and unfit for human consumption.

Daiki Axis and DDA Parks

Parks are recognized as effective tools for strengthening urban communities and local economies. Rising levels of population, increasing urbanization, and fast-moving industrialization have led to an overburdening of the wastewater problem in India.

Daiki’s Vision for India

In India, water scarcity is a persistent problem. Around half of the population does not even have access to safe drinking water. Three-quarters of Indian rural families do not have access to piped, potable water and rely on unreliable sources.