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Daiki Axis Johkasou STPs ensure clean, green water in India.

Sewage Treatment Plant in India plays a crucial role in managing the country’s wastewater, helping to protect public health and the environment. These facilities utilize a combination of biological, chemical, and physical processes to treat sewage, ensuring that the effluent is safe for discharge or reuse. The expansion and modernization of STPs are vital for addressing the increasing demands of urbanization and safeguarding water resources. By enhancing wastewater management, STPs contribute significantly to sustainable development and environmental protection in India.

The Wastewater Dilemma in India

With its burgeoning population and expanding industrial landscape, India faces a daunting task in managing wastewater effectively. As of December 2022, the Central Pollution Control Board‘s latest data reveals that Indian cities treat just 28% of the massive 72,368 million litres of sewage they produce daily. The rest finds its way into water bodies, untreated, leading to severe environmental degradation and posing serious health risks.

Pollution Perils

The uncontrolled discharge of untreated wastewater into water bodies has dire consequences. It contaminates drinking water sources, triggers waterborne diseases, harms aquatic ecosystems, and contributes significantly to water scarcity. The presence of pollutants, such as heavy metals, pathogens, and organic compounds, further exacerbates the environmental impact, necessitating urgent and comprehensive wastewater management strategies.

Sewage Treatment Plant in India

Sewage treatment plant in India are pivotal in mitigating the wastewater crisis. These facilities employ advanced technologies to treat sewage and industrial effluents, removing contaminants and making the water safe for reuse or discharge into the environment. However, the proliferation of STPs across India remains uneven, with many regions lacking adequate infrastructure and expertise.

Daiki Axis India: A Source of Innovation in Wastewater Management

Amidst this backdrop of challenges, Daiki Axis India is a source of innovation and sustainability in wastewater management. Leveraging its expertise in water treatment solutions, Daiki Axis India has been at the forefront of deploying cutting-edge technologies to address India’s growing wastewater concerns.

Introducing Johkasou Technology

One of the revolutionary technologies pioneered by Daiki Axis India is Johkasou, a compact and efficient water purification tank. Originating from Japan, Johkasou technology has gained global recognition for its ability to treat wastewater at the source, which offers decentralized solutions that are particularly relevant in areas with limited access to centralized sewage systems.

Benefits of Johkasou Technology

The adoption of Johkasou technology brings a host of benefits to communities and industries grappling with wastewater management challenges:

  1. Decentralized Treatment: Johkasou units can be installed at individual buildings, housing complexes, commercial establishments, and industrial sites, providing decentralized treatment solutions that reduce the burden on centralized STPs.
  2. Efficient Contaminant Removal: These compact tanks are equipped with advanced filtration and biological treatment processes, effectively removing pollutants such as suspended solids, organic matter, pathogens, and nitrogen compounds from wastewater.
  3. Water Reuse: Treated water from Johkasou units can be safely reused for non-potable applications such as irrigation, industrial processes, and toilet flushing, conserving precious freshwater resources and promoting sustainability.
  4. Space Optimization: Compared to conventional STPs, Johkasou units require minimal space, making them ideal for urban areas with limited land availability.
  5. Cost-Effective: The operational and maintenance costs of Johkasou systems are significantly lower than large-scale STPs, offering cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment.

How Johkasou Technology Works

Johkasou technology integrates multiple treatment processes within a compact tank, ensuring comprehensive wastewater treatment. The key components and functioning of a typical Johkasou unit include:

  1. Pre-Treatment: Incoming wastewater undergoes screening and grit removal to eliminate larger solids and debris.
  2. Biological Treatment: The wastewater then enters a chamber where biological processes, facilitated by microbial action, break down organic pollutants and nutrients.
  3. Filtration: Advanced filtration systems such as membrane filters or activated carbon filters further purify the water, removing remaining impurities and pathogens.
  4. Disinfection: Some Johkasou units incorporate disinfection mechanisms such as UV sterilization or chlorine treatment to ensure the water meets stringent quality standards.
  5. Effluent Discharge or Reuse: The treated water is either discharged into receiving water bodies after meeting regulatory standards or channelled for reuse based on specific applications.

Daiki Axis India’s Impact

Daiki Axis India’s commitment to sustainable wastewater management extends beyond technological innovations. The company actively engages in capacity building, knowledge sharing, and collaborative initiatives to promote best practices in wastewater treatment and environmental responsibility. By partnering with government agencies, municipalities, industries, and communities, Daiki Axis India contributes significantly to India’s journey towards a cleaner and healthier environment.


Given India’s rapid urbanization, industrial growth, and environmental concerns, the imperative of sustainably managing wastewater has never been more urgent. Sewage treatment plant and innovative technologies like Johkasou represent powerful tools in this endeavour, offering scalable, efficient, and decentralized solutions. Daiki Axis India’s pioneering endeavours emphasize the significant influence of technology, collaboration, and mindful stewardship in safeguarding water resources and fostering a greener tomorrow for the next generations.


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