Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant – ‘Johkasou’

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Johkasou in Japanese language means, Purification Tank. Johkasou products are domestic wastewater treatment systems or Sewage Treatment Plants.

Daiki Axis Japanese Packaged STP (Johkasou), made in 100% FRP, is a Combination of Aerobic & anaerobic treatment on sewage at single shot, with entire treatment housed in a single FRP capsule.

A ready to install STP delivers performance confirming to the global discharged norms with minimum 50% Energy saving compared to conventional Plants. These products come in a modular construction and can be installed in such manner that open space gets utilised in a better way.

The plant can be installed above or below the ground. The treated water can be further used for gardening, flushing, cooling towers etc. We have models starting from 1 KLD to 50 KLD, modules can be combined to increase the capacities.

Key Point of Treatment : AAA Process.
The A-A-A ( Anaerobic , Aerobic , Anaerobic) Process ensures continuous and simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification process.


Johkasou is capable of meeting the needs for output qualities expected by
the government regulatory bodies or as per the application requirements.

*1 – With PSF Achieve BOD below 10
*2 – AIA & AIM can bring T-N below 10
*3 – AI & AIJ achieve SS below 10 with PSF

Internal Structure of Daiki Johkasou


Daiki Axis offers biological treatment systems denoted as AI series & membrane separation solutions mentioned as AIM model offerings.

Daiki Johkasou Process Description

(1) Separation Box and Sedimentation Chamber: Sedimentation and separation chamber collect domestic waste water. It also has function to separate solid wastes from liquid waste based on their gravity.

(2) Anaerobic Filter Chamber: Waste water then flows into Anaerobic Media contact chamber from sedimentation and separation chamber. It contains organic material which is decomposed by anaerobic microorganism.

(3) Moving Bed Chamber: Anaerobic chamber water flows into moving bed (MBBR) chamber. Organic material contained waste water is decomposed by aerobic microorganism, and becomes simpler product.

(4) Sedimentation Chamber: Sedimentation chamber provides place of settled sludge which is resulted by biological processes in moving bed (MBBR) chamber. Settled sludge will be transferred to sedimentation and separation chamber.

(5) Disinfection Chamber: Disinfectant chamber serves as a place to put chlorine / disinfectant as a sterilization agent pathogenic microorganism in the waste processed before discharged into the environment or sent for further treatment if site conditions desired so.

(6)Inbuilt Circulation Line: Continuous recirculation from 2nd sedimentation chamber to separation and sedimentation chamber with air lift mechanism is adopted. This ensures denitrification process and continuous water flowing inside the system with multiple times treatment.

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Daiki Johkasou can be easily installed in a number of ways

Above ground

Above ground



Under Car Parking

Under Car Parking

Under Driveway

Under Driveway

Under Green Area

Under Green Area

In the Basement

In the Basement

Daiki Johkasou Features

Long Life Product

Johkasou-STP is simplified product with High treatment performance and Long life.Structure calculation by National Building Authority of Japan. There are several installations which are 40-50 years old.​

Quick & Minimal Maintenance

Only maintenance required is monthly removal of plastics and desludging every six months. Operators are not required for small and mid size packaged plants.​

Japanese Technology

Daiki state of the art packaged STP designed in Japan is compact & housed in an FRP tank can be used in decentralized manner at any remote location.

No Leak & No Noisy Sound

Daiki packaged STP Plant does not emit any smell except during maintenance. Sound is lower than 50db, similar to that of a mobile phone vibration.

Meet Regulatory Standard

Daiki Packaged STP plants are designed to meet all output parameters as laid down by Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and Pollution Control Board (PCB) norms.​

High Treatment Performance

STP has been passing strict government inspection and test performance is approved by Japanese Government with continuous nitrification and denitrification process. ​


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