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The Largest Manufacturer Of Sewage Treatment Plants In The World!

Daiki Axis India

Treat Sewage and Reuse it Locally to Provide Sanitation, Save Fresh Water and Revive Water Environment!

Daiki Axis India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Daiki Japan. Daiki-the predecessor of Daiki Axis-launched its water treatment business in Matsuyama City in Japan in 1958. Since developing the light and durable FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) Johkasous, Daiki has led Japan’s water treatment industry and continues to create many “Industry’s Firsts.” We have followed the path not only of providing our customers with safe water, but also toward becoming an “eco-creation and development company” that protects the environments that water runs through, and these efforts will continue as we head toward the future.

The Largest Producer of Packaged STPs In the World!

Inspiring the Next Generation by Saving Water

Water is the one of the most essential sources of survival necessary for all living beings and economic activities as well. We at Daiki Axis are renowned manufacturers and exporters of Packaged STP systems that has been great advantage to save water and the environment.

We offer exclusive range of decentralized STP(Johkasou) products that are suitable for various government, residential, industrial and commercial establishments. Johkasou have combined purification structure capable of treating both night soil (black water) and domestic wastewater (grey water). They can be customized as well to suit special use or local compliance and other requirements. Our specially trained sales team and sales partners help you to configure these products for your specific requirements.

Daiki Axis: Packaged STP Manufacturer (Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer)

We specialize in manufacturing specially designed sewage treatment products in modern factories in various global locations equipped with modern tools and other facilities assuring consistent quality and faster deliveries.

Why people like us?

We are a focused decentralised sewage treatment product manufacturer with wide range of johkasous to meet various requirements for domestic wastewater treatment.

Our product range can meet various applications and applicable standards for treated water discharge around the globe, it provides robust performance, scalability, modularity, rapid deployment capability and low cost of ownership advantage to the user and infrastructure planners.  

Customers across the globe have trusted Daiki-Axis products for more than 60 years to make us the largest producer of these products in the world.

Automatic Molding Machine

Cylinder Molding Machine

Spray Molding

Quality Assurance Protocol

Daiki-Axis follows Japanese tradition of producing high quality products based on principals of modern technologies and management systems. Our products go through very structured and rigid quality testing processes at designing and manufacturing for various physical integrity and performance parameters. All Johkasou models go through long testing in live conditions at customers place, even before they are introduced to the market.

We have standardised our drawings, products, installation & service processes based on our experience of deploying millions of such products in various conditions across the globe and valuable feedback received from our customers. This helps us in giving consistent quality and experience to every customer.

Moreover, Johkasou products go through strict government qualification, validation and performance testing throughout the life cycle in Japan as per the Johkasou Law. Our well-designed training modules and programs for our staff and partners ensures consistent experience for our customers.

“Having spent half a century focusing on water and people’s lives, our goal is to continue working towards becoming an “eco-creation and development company” that provides greater support to humans and the natural environment.”