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Our Production System is Ready For Anything, Including Overseas Demand

The domestic production division has four plants in Japan with an international standard ISO 9001 in quality management. At these plants, various types of water treatment equipments including johkasou (Domestic Wastewater Treatment System) are manufactured for meeting the domestic and overseas demand promptly.

 Interior of The Factory
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Daiki Axis Manufacturing Units Overseas

Born in Japan to cater to the urgent need of water resources, Daiki Axis is creating a network across the globe to give the world a fair chance to change our depleting water resources. Continuing with the policy of treat at site, reuse at site. johkasou is a revolutionary solution to wastewater treatments across countries in the 21st century.

Fukushima Factory
Shinshu Factory
Indonesia Factory
Vapi India Factory
Matsuyama Factory
Tsushima Factory

Quality Assurance Protocol

Daiki-Axis follows Japanese tradition of producing high quality products based on principals of modern technologies and management systems. Our products go through very structured and rigid quality testing processes at designing and manufacturing for various physical integrity and performance parameters. All Johkasou models go through long testing in live conditions at customers place, even before they are introduced to the market.

We have standardised our drawings, products, installation & service processes based on our experience of deploying millions of such products in various conditions across the globe and valuable feedback received from our customers. This helps us in giving consistent quality and experience to every customer.

Moreover, Johkasou products go through strict government qualification, validation and performance testing throughout the life cycle in Japan as per the Johkasou Law. Our well-designed training modules and programs for our staff and partners ensures consistent experience for our customers.


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