Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are self-contained, compact systems designed to treat wastewater effectively. These systems are pre-fabricated, easy to install, and require minimal operational oversight, making them ideal for both urban and rural settings. Unlike traditional sewage treatment facilities that require extensive civil works and large spaces, packaged STPs offer a versatile solution that can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Features of Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Compact and Modular Design: Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are designed to be space-efficient, making them ideal for areas with limited space. Their modular nature allows for easy scalability to meet varying sewage treatment needs.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: These plants come pre-engineered and factory-assembled, which significantly reduces the installation time and costs. Additionally, they are designed for low maintenance, ensuring long-term operational efficiency with minimal upkeep.
  • High Treatment Efficiency: Utilizing advanced treatment technologies, Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants effectively remove contaminants from sewage, producing high-quality effluent that meets stringent environmental standards. 

Daiki Axis India

Daiki Axis India, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Daiki Axis, specializes in advanced wastewater treatment technologies. The company’s mission is to provide sustainable and efficient water treatment solutions across India, addressing the country’s unique challenges in managing sewage and wastewater.

The Johkasou Technology

Central to Daiki Axis India’s offerings is the Johkasou technology. Johkasou is a Japanese term for an advanced decentralized sewage treatment system that has been widely adopted in Japan and other parts of the world. This technology is designed to treat domestic wastewater efficiently, ensuring that the effluent released into the environment is safe and clean.

Johkasou units are known for their high treatment efficiency, compact design, and ability to function in various environmental conditions. They use a combination of biological and physical processes to remove contaminants from wastewater, making them a robust solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Process Description of Johkasou Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

Preliminary Treatment: Involves screening and grit removal to eliminate large debris and inorganic particles, preventing damage and clogging of downstream equipment.

Primary Treatment: Uses primary sedimentation to separate suspended solids from the sewage, forming sludge that is removed for further treatment.

Secondary Treatment: Employs biological processes like activated sludge or biofilm systems to break down organic matter, followed by secondary clarification to settle out remaining solids and biomass.

Tertiary Treatment: Includes filtration and disinfection (e.g., chlorination, UV, ozonation) to remove fine particles and pathogens, ensuring the effluent is safe for discharge or reuse.

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

Decentralized wastewater treatment systems like Johkasou offer several advantages over centralized systems. They are particularly beneficial in areas where infrastructure development is challenging or cost-prohibitive. By treating wastewater at or near the source, decentralized systems reduce the need for extensive sewer networks, lower energy consumption, and minimize the environmental impact.

In India, where urbanization and population growth exert immense pressure on existing sewage systems, decentralized treatment solutions are increasingly being recognized as a practical and sustainable alternative. They can be implemented in rural villages, small towns, and peri-urban areas, ensuring that even remote communities have access to effective sewage treatment.

Applications and Uses

Several successful installations of Daiki Axis India’s packaged STPs across India highlight the effectiveness of their technology. For instance:

  • Residential Complexes: In many residential complexes, Daiki Axis India’s Johkasou systems have been installed to treat sewage on-site, ensuring that the effluent meets regulatory standards before being discharged or reused.
  • Schools and Hospitals: In educational institutions and healthcare facilities, the company’s packaged STPs provide reliable sewage treatment, contributing to a healthier environment and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.
  • Industrial Applications: For industries generating significant amounts of wastewater, Daiki Axis India’s Johkasou systems offer robust treatment solutions that comply with stringent discharge regulations.

Daiki Axis India is actively contributing to providing state-of-the-art Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants and decentralized wastewater treatment solutions. Their products are designed to meet the diverse needs of Indian communities, from individual households to large commercial complexes.

Johkasou Packaged System Product Advantages

  1. Cost-Effective: Reduces capital and operational expenses through efficient design, pre-assembly, and lower maintenance requirements, offering long-term economic benefits.
  2. High Treatment Efficiency: Utilizes advanced technologies to ensure effective removal of contaminants, producing high-quality effluent that meets stringent environmental standards.
  3. Reduced Environmental Impact: By treating sewage close to its source, these plants minimize the risk of environmental contamination and reduce the burden on centralized treatment facilities.
  4. Low Maintenance: Designed for durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring reliable performance with minimal operational intervention.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Helps industries and communities meet regulatory requirements for wastewater discharge, supporting environmental conservation efforts.

Why Trust Daiki Axis India for Your STP Requirements?

  1. Proven Expertise and Innovation: Daiki Axis India is a subsidiary of Daiki Axis, a global leader with decades of experience in environmental solutions. They leverage advanced Japanese Johkasou technology, known for its efficiency and reliability, to address India’s wastewater treatment needs.
  2. Commitment to Sustainability: Daiki Axis India prioritizes sustainable practices, ensuring that their sewage treatment plants not only meet regulatory standards but also contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation.
  3. Quality and Reliability: With a focus on high-quality materials and robust engineering, Daiki Axis India’s STPs are built to last, offering durable and low-maintenance solutions that deliver consistent performance over time.
  4. Government and Industry Collaboration: Actively supporting national initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Mission and AMRUT, Daiki Axis India works closely with governmental bodies and industries to enhance wastewater management infrastructure across the country.
  5. Customer-Centric Approach: Dedicated to meeting customer needs, Daiki Axis India offers exceptional support and service, from initial consultation and design to installation and ongoing maintenance, ensuring seamless and effective implementation of their solutions.


Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants represent a significant advancement in the field of wastewater management. Daiki Axis India, with its expertise and innovative technologies, is leading the way in providing solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable and adaptable to the diverse needs of Indian communities.

Through continued collaboration with government initiatives and a commitment to excellence, Daiki Axis India is helping to ensure that the future of sewage treatment in India is both promising and sustainable. The journey towards better wastewater management is ongoing, and with leaders like Daiki Axis India, we are well on our way to achieving a cleaner, healthier India.


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