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Why a decentralized STP is a better option for wastewater treatment than a soak pit?

Decentralized STP is the most effective solution for water resourcing over soak pits. Daiki Axis packaged STP is hassle-free and easy to operate in every season. A soak pit is difficult to operate in the rainy season because it gets clogged.
Although a soak pit is suitable for all temperatures, it cannot function properly in areas with freezing temperatures. Whereas Daiki Axis packaged STP provides robust performance in the extremely hot climates to the freezing temperatures.
Daiki Axis packaged STP can be easily installed underground or above ground. A soak pit, on the other hand, can only be built where the ground is porous.
Daiki Axis Johkasou is empanelled by the Government of India Ministry of Jal Shakti for Jal Jeevan and Swachh Bharat Mission. CII Green Products and Services Council have awarded the ‘GreenPro Eco label’ for Johkasou Packaged Sewage Treatment Systems
Daiki Axis packaged STP is a dependable and feasible solution to the water crisis.