Clean water is essential for life to exist, but in many countries such as in India, access to wastewater treatment facilities is limited, and untreated wastewater is released to rivers, lakes and the ocean causing pollution. Johkasou in Japanese language means, purification tank.  A Johkasou is a machine which sanitizes impurities contained within wastewater, using the power of microorganisms that occur naturally within the apparatus. Johkasasou has been developed in Japan as a decentralized domestic wastewater treatment facility. It remains one of the best alternatives to wastewater treatment in areas where sewage infrastructure has not yet been improved worldwide. The key highlights of this technology include Long Product Life, high efficiency, modular design, no requirement for a full-time operator, low energy consumption, low maintenance requirement and faster execution without any issues of noise and no foul smell at sites. The system is an integrated septic tank-anaerobic filter-contact aeration-final settling tank and effluent disinfection facility. Daiki Axis Johkasou products have been approved by the government of Japan and are extensively deployed across Japan as a part of the government policy.

Johkasou’s main concept is to treat the waste at the site, reuse it at the site. Daiki Axis Johkasou STPs are best suited for Farm Houses, Hospitals, Hostels, Resorts, Hotels, Offices, Factories, Shopping Malls, Small Airports, Railway Stations, Gardens, Sports Complexes and such applications.

The future has many challenges but the innovative technology by Daiki Axis, its end-to-end solutions; short payback periods and flexible financing models make it easy for the customer to be future ready. The membrane based Johkasous are suitable for higher treated water quality applications. Daiki Axis Johkasou is impaneled by the government of India, Ministry of Jal Shakti, for Jal Jeevan and Swachh Bharat Mission. It is also documented in CPHEEO Manual as an advanced technology for onsite treatment of grey and black water. Johkasou is also the winner of the most innovative water technology award for the year 2020 from FICCI. The systems have been upgraded for even nitrogen removal by internal recirculation of microorganisms which occur naturally.

Daiki Axis India has recently signed a MOU with IIT Roorkee for the technology validation. The company has already setup a manufacturing plant in Vapi, Gujarat under the Make in India initiative and has completed over 200 projects across India.