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Local Treatment, Local Reuse – Daiki Axis India’s Sustainable Solution

In the intricate web of challenges facing our world today, the preservation and efficient utilization of water resources stand as paramount. With a burgeoning global population and the looming specter of climate change, the demand for innovative solutions to address water scarcity and pollution has never been more urgent. It is within this context that the pioneering efforts of Daiki Axis India Pvt. Ltd. offer technological solutions and a comprehensive vision for a water-positive future.

Origins and Heritage

The journey of Daiki Axis India traces back to the illustrious legacy of Daiki Axis Japan, which began its odyssey in 1958 with a pioneering vision to transform the water treatment domain. Over the decades, Daiki Japan has remained at the forefront of innovation, introducing groundbreaking technologies and setting new standards of excellence. Today, Daiki Axis India carries forth this rich heritage with a legacy of innovation and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Inspiring a Movement

Beyond mere technological advancements, Daiki Axis India aspires to inspire a movement towards sustainable water management. Recognizing water as not just a resource but a lifeline, the company endeavors to empower communities and individuals to become custodians of their water resources. Through a range of decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) systems, Daiki Axis India promotes a culture of sustainability and responsibility, encouraging local treatment and reuse as key pillars of water conservation.

Decentralized STP Systems: Johkasou

Central to Daiki Axis India’s offerings are its decentralized STP systems, popularly known as Johkasou. These innovative systems represent a convergence of cutting-edge purification technology and customizable design to address the unique needs of diverse sectors ranging from government to residential, industrial, and commercial establishments. Johkasou offers a sustainable alternative to conventional centralized systems for a water-positive future by promoting local treatment and reuse.

Quality Standards

Quality is not a buzzword but a guiding principle at Daiki Axis India. Drawing upon the rich traditions of Japanese craftsmanship, the company upholds stringent quality assurance protocols at every stage of its operations. From meticulous testing to rigorous validation processes, Daiki Axis India ensures that its products adhere to the highest performance and reliability standards, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

Confronting the Global Water Crisis

As the global population surges to nine billion by 2030, the water demand is poised to skyrocket. In the face of climate change, urbanization, and industrialization, the world confronts an unprecedented water crisis, threatening the very foundations of human existence. Daiki Axis India recognizes the urgency of this challenge and is committed to partnering with stakeholders worldwide to address water scarcity and promote environmental sustainability.

Empowering India’s Water Future

Nowhere is the water crisis more acute than in India, where rapid urbanization and industrialization place immense pressure on water resources. Daiki Axis India acknowledges the challenges facing India and is dedicated to empowering the country’s water future through decentralized solutions. By treating sewage locally and promoting water reuse, the company offers a pathway towards sustainable development, encouraging resilience and prosperity for future generations.

The Johkasou Concept

Derived from the Japanese term “purification tank,” Johkasous embodies a philosophy of treating wastewater locally and reusing it responsibly. Approved by the government of Japan and extensively deployed across the country, Johkasou represents a proven solution to the pressing challenges of wastewater management. With millions of units installed globally, Johkasous signifies a paradigm shift in water conservation and sustainability approaches.

The Johkasou system comprises several key steps:

  1. Separation Box: Solids in wastewater are separated by gravity to prevent excess sludge agitation.
  2. Separation & Sedimentation Chamber: Solid debris and impurities are separated from water and stored in the chamber.
  3. Anaerobic Chamber: This chamber is filled with filter materials that separate solids and facilitate the decomposition of organic matter by anaerobic microorganisms.
  4. Moving Bed Chamber: Filled with mesh cylindrical media, this chamber retains aerobic microorganisms to decompose and remove organic matter from wastewater.
  5. Sedimentation Chamber: Excess sludge (suspended solids) is separated by gravity to obtain clear treated water.
  6. Disinfection Chamber: Treated water is disinfected before being discharged into rivers or other water bodies.

Applications and Impact

The main concept of Daiki Axis Pvt. Ltd revolves around the principle of “treat locally, reuse it locally,” personified by the Johkasou-STP systems. This approach aligns perfectly with the demands and circumstances of India, where decentralized water treatment is recognized as a sustainable solution. Current Johkasou models cater to a range of settings, from individual houses and small communities to hospitals, schools, resorts, offices, factories, and public facilities such as airports and railway stations. These versatile systems can be adapted to suit diverse environments, including areas not covered by public sewer systems.

Moreover, the treated sewage water generated by Johkasous finds myriad applications, including gardening, irrigation, construction, vehicle washing, firefighting, wetlands enhancement, industrial processes, recreational activities, toilet flushing, and various industrial uses such as boiler and cooling tower makeup. This comprehensive approach underscores Daiki Axis India’s commitment to promoting local treatment and reuse as a sustainable solution to India’s water challenges.


Daiki Axis India Pvt. Ltd. stands for innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship in the quest for a water-positive future. With a legacy of excellence and a vision for a better tomorrow, the company embodies the spirit of progress and resilience in the face of global challenges. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world,


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