According to the CGWC report (2020-2021), groundwater levels are declining over 76 per cent in Haryana . For the majority of Haryana’s districts, the depletion of the water table has been a major source of concern.

To address the problem of water scarcity in Fatehabad district, the Fatehabad city administration has made strenuous efforts to counter the state’s acute water shortages.

Fatehabad city administration has adopted a decentralized wastewater treatment approach that has enabled it to use treated water which is being used for non-potable purposes such as agriculture, power plants, horticulture, washing and cleaning. Providing availability of more water to the city residents.

City administration is effectively re-using 25 per cent of the treated water in horticulture, industries and thermal plants.

Due to the high water consumption in the paddy crop, farmers have adopted crop diversification; Decentralized STPs is helping these farmers to meet their water demands by re-using treated wastewater for irrigation.

This has greatly benefited water conservation. The decentralized STPs have also helped Fatehabad in reducing its water pollution. Daiki Axis Johkasou’s decentralized waste water treatment plants in Fatehabad have not only proved to be a cost-effective solution, but are greatly helping rejuvenate the parks and green belts of Fatehabad.