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How decentralized STP are benefitting DDA Parks in New Delhi!!

The Delhi Jal Board is working diligently to supplement groundwater so that future generations do not go without this precious resource. Due to a lack of river water, Delhi’s groundwater supplies are overstressed to fulfill the city’s ever-increasing demands.

Decentralized Waste Water Treatment can be used for treating sewage locally and then also using the treated effluent for horticulture purposes. NDMC has also installed decentralized STP at many locations and the treated effluent is being used by them for horticulture purposes in their parks.

This would prevent groundwater from being exploited while simultaneously enhancing its quality.

Decentralized Waste Water Treatment plants have become an alternate arrangement of water supply to Joggers Park.

Bore wells that kept water bodies wet for recreational purposes have been replaced by wastewater treatment facilities with appropriate capacity/through STP treated water pipelines.

The water bodies which are situated inside the DDA parks are also benefitted.

By linking them to drains and managing the flow of sub-catchment into the water bodies, DDA has been preserving these water bodies as storm water recharge basins.

Daiki Axis Johkasou’s decentralized wastewater treatment plants in Delhi have not only proved to be a sustainable solution but are efficiently helping rejuvenate the water bodies near DDA parks of Delhi.