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Are soak pits a healthy option over decentralised STP in today’s time!

It’s time to understand whether a sewage treatment plant is healthier than a soak pit. A sewage treatment plant provides treatment of the wastewater and churns out non-potable water, whereas a soak pit simply separates it, which means a soak pit does not give primary treatment to the wastewater.

A proper sanitation and drainage system is the need of hours in the country. Wastewater that’s not properly drained creates stagnant pools that act as breeding grounds for a wide range of diseases. In places with a poor drainage system and sanitation facilities, the water discharged from soak pits may contain effluents that have the ability to contaminate the groundwater.

This can lead to an increased risk for ailments including filariasis, typhoid, cholera, and others.

The Daiki Axis Decentralized STP is a smart solution for wastewater treatment today. Daiki Axis decentralized STP treats wastewater and reduces dependency on groundwater. A healthier option to adopt for water resourcing.